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beverage industry equipment & service

What we do

Professional services


TECHNOFOOD carries over 30 years of experience in the food and beverage Industry that is brought in to the Company in the face of  Costas Evgeniou.

Dimitris Evgeniou (son of Costas) is the managing director of Technofood which as an organization offers you technical solutions that meet the specific needs in production and packaging of your company.

In collaboration with reliable suppliers from abroad we design food and beverage processing lines taking into account e ach inquiry is different and requires a different approach. We offer layout design, cost analysis, offers and installation and start up of your production or packaging line.

In the field of Can seamers and can closing machines, designed to meet the specific canning and seaming equipment needs of food and beverage customers, Technofood  provides on-going customer service, technical service, spare parts , and training.


Either working as agents or as importers of food and beverage processing and packaging equipment, Technofood`s organization is near to support you throughout.
Technofood`s  product  support portfolio covers the following categories:

  • Stretch blow-moulding technology
  • Filling and closing technology
  • Cold-aseptic filling
  • Labelling and dressing technology
  • Inspection and monitoring technology
  • Washers, rinsers and pasteurisers
  • Packing and palletising technology
  • Conveyor technology
  • Systems engineering
  • Process technology
  • Laboratory quality control


Semi-Automatic Fillers in jars - cans -trays - plastic containers - bags with:

  •   Volumetric
  •   By size
  •   By product counting
  •   Vacuum or modified atmosphere
  •   Horizontal or vertical pattern automatic tray forming (form -fill - seal)

Fillers Syrup - Brine - Juice Fluids

  •   Overflow - vacuum - dosometric

Closure Handling out of the packaging into the seamer

Can Handling from the pallet into the filler
Ends Handling out of the packaging on top of the can

Seamers Automatic & Semi-Automatic for cans - jars - trays - plastic containers - bags with:

  •   Double seaming
  •   Twist off caps
  •   Press on or Pop up caps
  •   Thermo sealing
  •   Thermic induction

Seamer Tooling

  •    CMB Rolls & Chucks for all Seamer Types

Semi-Automatic & Automatic Palletisers and Depalletisers

  •   Cans - jars - cartons - bottles

Packaging Inspection Machinery

  •    Vacuum control (cans + jars)

Fill level control

  •    Foreign object inspection

End Packaging Machinery

  •   Automatic & semi-automatic labelers, hot + cold glue and self adhesive labels, with or without barcode thermic print
  •   Can- jar - bottle cartoning machines
  •   Box erecting machines
  •   Automatic and semi-automatic shrink wrapping tray
  •   Pallet stretch wrapping machines
  •   Case sealers (adhesive tape or hot melt)

Second Hand Equipment

Complete range of second hand machinery