Our Services

Our first core service, The Seamer, plays a vital role in the Can Packaging industry, where the Can Seamer is regarded as the ‘Heart’ of the Canning Line. Our holistic approach focuses on maintaining the Machine responsible for providing the Double Seam to the Container in impeccable condition. We offer comprehensive support for the Seamer, including required Maintenance, Service Work, and Spare Parts, ensuring a seamless and trouble-free operation of the entire production line.

Moving on to our second core service

We also offer a comprehensive range including:

Seamer Tooling (Rolls & Chucks): We provide high-quality seamer tooling, including rolls and chucks, ensuring smooth and efficient operations for your canning production.

Second Hand Equipment: In addition to new equipment, we offer a selection of reliable second-hand machinery, allowing you to enhance your production capabilities while managing costs effectively.

Quality Control Equipment for all your packaging Needs.

Specialized Projects: Our expertise extends to undertaking specialized projects tailored to your specific requirements. We excel in conveyor-related projects, such as Can size Conversions, Conveyor Modification to Vacuum for accommodating Camera Systems, and seamless integration of new machines into your existing production line.

Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to delivering exceptional results, providing innovative solutions, and ensuring your operations run seamlessly. With our services, you can optimize your production processes, enhance efficiency, and stay ahead in the competitive market.

Last but not least, In cooperation with Technoplan, based in Switzerland, we support you with your PET Blower needs, including:

  • OEM Spare Parts
  • System for optimizing furnace energy
  • Compressed Air Recovery System
  • High-tech Oven Lamp Controller